Nöykkiön koulu

Nöykkiön koulu is a middle school that has 450 students. The school has special education classes.

Different learning needs are being supported with flexible education arrangements

Nöykkiön koulu uses flexible education arrangements in all four periods. With these arrangements all different types of learners are  offered the groups that meet their special needs. Education is being divided into four periods. Schedules and group arrangements will be renewed after every ten weeks if necessary. When individuals and groups advance, the education arrangements used enable the school to react to the new arising needs. The planning is done in the student welfare group.

The students studying in special education study different subjects either as their own group, in smaller groups as part of the bigger group, or they are placed into the suitable groups. Those responsible for the education are either the subject teacher or the special education class teacher or both of them together. Learning is also supported by learning skills courses which are part of the students’ optional courses or they can be part of the continuous support.

All the students study English the way they have chosen together with their parents. While the students’ basic skills are very different from each other, the students’ versatile communication readiness and creativity is supported by this. The school also has a mathematics-science emphasis that specializes in teaching natural sciences and English by integrating them with shared projects.

The school also emphasizes in the homeroom teacher’s work and the systematic collaboration with home and school. A project week is organized every year and the homeroom teachers are responsible for it.

Studying English in Nöykkiön koulu

Before coming to the school, all the students choose a suitable way of learning English. When a student is ready to put more effort in studying English he/she chooses an advanced English group. Another option is to choose more conventional learning methods and to choose the standard group. The students are grouped into advanced and standard English groups and they will stay in these groups throughout the middle school. The amount of the lessons is the same, but the way of learning follows the curriculum of the chosen group. The grading criteria are the same for both of the groups and both groups give the same chance for the further education.

In advanced groups the students’ notebook work is the basis of learning. In the notebooks, the students put into practice their own way of learning. It will be a portfolio of everything they have done in the middle school while learning English. This assumes the students to be more motivated to do homework: there will be many essays that need to be written at home as well as various oral presentations. This is how the students’ active oral and written presentation skills are being supported. The technology as well as information and communications technology are utilized. International cooperation is also one part of the teaching.