Mankkaan kouklu

Mankkaan koulu is a publicly funded municipal comprehensive secondary school with approximately 330 students in grades 7-9. The school also has special needs education classes for children with autism. Teachers are divided into four departments representing grades 7, 8, 9 and Special Needs Education. Each department is independently responsible for all the curricular activities of the pupils in the department. The duration of each lesson is 90 minutes.

Compulsory foreign languages taught are English and/or German (languages starting in grades 1-6) and optional languages German and French (languages starting in grades 7-9).

The school has a class with emphasis on mathematical sciences in each grade. It offers students advanced contents of instruction in mathematics and physics.

Our aim is to provide the pupils with the necessary skills they will need in the future and also with ethical and moral values in order to live a full, active life enhanced with the appreciation of lifelong learning.

The pupils learn to respect and value the diversity of the world through our various international contacts and projects. Modern equipment combined with independent learning methods are used to enrich the teaching of the curriculum.