Leppävaaran koulu

Leppävaaran koulu is a secondary school in Leppävaara, Espoo. The public transport connections in Leppävaara are excellent.

In every grade, there are 2 classes with emphasis on Physical Education in their curriculum. The nearby Leppävaara Sports Park, Ice Hockey Arena and Swimming Hall offer excellent facilities for P.E.

There are about 300 students in Leppävaara School. We have immigrant students in our classes and special education teachers work in these classes and help students with developing language skills. 

Leppävaaran koulu has knowledge and understanding of different cultures and religions. We want to help our students develop their skills and find their place in the society.

The students in Leppävaara School have many different native languages. We offer native language teaching in many languages. The teacher is always a native speaker.