Viherlaakson koulu

Viherlaakson koulu is a joint comprehensive school of circa 760 pupils from pre-primary education to the 9th grade.

Viherlaakson koulu's temporary facilities stand colourful in the Viherlaakso school yard. The transferrable school has two floors and covers 3 615 square meters. The school has 30 different teaching spaces of varied sizes, as well as storages, offices and halls.

Link to the school's virtual presentation: Temporary school facilities    

The old school facilities are almost entirely out of use and waiting for renovation. Only the crafts facilities are used. Our school operates in temporary facilities build on the school's sports field until the renovation ends. The estimated time of completion is in June 2019.

Viherlaakson koulu has had a pictorial arts weighed-curriculum since year 1989. Communality is emphasized in the school's activities. Our school offers a firm general education and readiness for further education and life-long learning. Positive learning atmosphere encourages pupils to develop their strengths, think critically, participate actively and to collaborate.

The school guides and educates the pupils towards a sustainable lifestyle and promotes the joy of learning. We utilize diverse learning environments and networs and emphasize the learning of entireties.

Our school supports the pupil's growth and the building of a strong self-esteem as well as the development of interaction and collaboration skills. We encourage the pupil to take responsibility for oneself, one's school-going, one's learning, others and for the environment. Our school community appreciates honesty, good manners and the acceptance of differences in people.