Vanttilan koulu



Vanttilan koulu is a comprehensive school founded in 2009. The school is located in Espoo, nearby the capital city Helsinki. The amount of students was around 400 (grades 1-9) in the spring of 2013. There are more than 40 staff members working in the school. In addition to the grades 1-9, Vanttila school has separate small groups for students with special needs. There is also a pre-school group with 20 children in our school. The younger students can also attend after-school activities in our premises.


Collaboration between the younger and the older students as well as the whole staff is the founding idea of our school. The sense of belonging to a community creates a pleasant working environment and is reflected in all our school activities. The students are given the opportunity to get involved with different kinds of school activities and are treated as valuable members of the school community.

One of our main goals is to ensure that the students learn the basic skills needed in life and gain a good knowledge of the core subjects taught in our school. We also emphasize the importance of sustainable living, creativity and the courage to find open-minded ways to self development. We expect the students to be responsible members of the school community and show good manners towards others. In other words, our school considers learning as a holistic process.

During the breaks, the school offers different means to activate the students (e.g. the use of the computer lab, practice playing in a band, doing arts and crafts, solving math problems, participating in different sports etc.). The older students also organize outdoor games for the younger ones.


The practising and teaching of social skills is essential and constantly present in our daily work. We have created a program called T3 which includes the teaching of life management skills and supporting of personal growth. The name of the program derives from the Finnish words for knowledge, sense and action - TO KNOW, TO FEEL, TO ACT. A central part of the T3 is the internationally recognized ART (Agression Replacement Training (ART®)) program which has been adapted to the needs of the city of Espoo (called ArtEs). This program seeks to improve social skills, moral and ethical reasoning, anger management, and reduce aggressive behavior.

In addition to the ART program, and as one part of the T3 program, we have recently begun solving conflicts among the students with the help of the VerSo program (School Mediation). Besides ART and VerSo, we also offer an optional subject (Life Management Skills) for classes 7-9 which deals with the T3 themes mentioned above.

School address: Vanttilan koulu

                           PL 3510
                           02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI

Contact person: Principal Mr. Olli Poutiainen

                          Tel. +358 9 816 83540