Welcome to Saunalahti school!

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2017-06-08 15:42

Welcome to Saunalahti school!
We receive a lot of visitors from all over the world so it is necessary to use an electronic booking system.  Our spring time 2018 is already fully booked and here are the possible dates for a visit in the fall time 2018.  We hope you take the time to read the instructions carefully and follow them in order to book your visit successfully. In that process please let us know also your expectations for the visit.
A two hour visit including a short introduction to our pedagogy and the multipurpose building. There is also a tour in the building. The price for the visit is 300 €/group (6-20 persons). For individual visitors the price is 40 €/person.
If you wish to eat lunch, the cost for the lunch is additional 6,10 euros/person.
The city of Espoo needs your billing address and your company ID number for the invoice, so please make sure you fill in all the information needed for this.
If it is not possible for you to pay by invoice it is possible for you to pay in cash and in this case we will write you a receipt. Unfortunately payment by card is not possible.
If you choose to have the lunch, please write down your possible allergies.

Please use this link to sign in for a visit: