Mainingin koulu

Mainingin koulu is a nine-year comprehensive school providing primary and secondary education. The school has specialist music classes from Year 3 to Year 9 and specialist dance classes from Year 7 to 9.

The school was built in 1974 and it is the first comprehensive school in Finland to comprise both the six-year primary level and the lower secondary level (Year 7 to Year 9).

There are approximately 520 pupils and 55 teachers at Mainingin koulu.

What is Mainingin koulu all about?

1. We work together as a team.

2. We learn to think independently.

3. Pupils learn by doing, experimenting and researching.

4. We value hard work and a healthy self-esteem.

5. We emphasise responsibility, tolerance and good behaviour.

Our school has modern and technological learning environments. We have interactive whiteboards, digital visualizers and computers in every class. Information and communications technology is integrated in the learning process and in the pupil evaluation (WILMA).

The school offers versatile experiences to pupils in addition to regular lessons and gives the pupils a chance to learn about interesting phenomena outside school as well (Culture Day, a talent show, educational visits and special events).

Mainingin meininki – Maininki Spirit

Maininki School has a safe and supportive atmosphere.

At Maininki, we have a Pupils’ Association called OSKU. OSKU and pupil mentors, TUKARIT work to strengthen the school community. The main peer pupil activities are the mentoring of newcomers and helping them to integrate to school community.