Kuitinmäen koulu

Kuitinmäen koulu is a joint comprehensive school which caters to classes starting from grade one to grade nine. 

Kuitinmäki school has the benefit of offering specialised classes. Students can study in the specialised music program or in the bilingual program ( English- Finnish). Furthermore, there are classes designed to cater to special needs students and preparatory classes designed for migrant students, who upon completion can then be integrated into mainstream Finnish classes.

The school has 700 students. Most of the students come from the Olari area however those attending the specialised classes come from all over Espoo.

Kuitinmäki school offers many language courses. Students can study A1 English, French, German and Swedish. A2 language courses are also available however some groups may be a combination of A1 and A2. B language courses are also available, students can chose from French, Swedish and German. Please note B language courses for French and German only start in year 8 and are chosen as an elective.

Our school is proud to work together with students and their parents as well as guardians, to ensure we maintain a positive educational environment where students can grow into confident, responsible, active and respectful members of society.