Juvanpuiston koulu

Juvanpuiston koulu is located in northern Espoo, Niipperi. Nearby the school there is a small industrial area of Juvanmalmi, old detached house settlement and a new, tight residential area. In addition, there are also forests, fields and a golf course near our school.

Juvanpuiston koulu building was completed gradually in 2003-2005. Our premises are modern and functional.  There are circa 570 pupils in our joint comprehensive school (grades 1-9 and pre-primary education).  Pupils study English as a compulsory A1- language that begins at third grade and they also have the opportunity to choose French as an optional A2- language at fourth grade. All pupils study Swedish as a compulsory B1-language beginning at sixth grade.  Additionally, pupils may choose French as a B2-language at eight grade.

Our school gives good and versatile education. The mission of our school is to always see the Good and this is emphasized in many different aspects of our everyday life. You can follow our school life in social media administered by our communication pupils. We are in active interaction with parents and other cooperation partners. Our school is in Finnish Schools on the Move- programme and a part of a Finnish sports academy “URHEA”.

Parents union promotes the collaboration between the school and pupils’ homes. It also arranges clubs and events. Furthermore, Northern Espoo’s music school gives lessons at our school.  Youth services and sports clubs also organize hobby opportunities. Our school is naturally the centre of the village.

Our school’s premises are cozy and inspire pupils to learn. We want to regognize pupils, who need support for learning as early as possible. Juvanpuisto school also has smaller special education classes for pupils needing special support. ​