School Board

The schools in Espoo have either school-specific boards or boards shared by several schools. The duties of the school board focus on supporting the school and maintaining good cooperation and a safe study environment. The school board, for example, approves the school curriculum and school year plan. The school board includes pupils’ parents and representatives of school staff. In middle schools and unified comprehensive schools, representatives of pupils also participate in board work. The school board is elected for four years at a time. The board’s duties and authority are described in further detail in the City of Espoo’s administrative regulations.

Members of the school board

Chatarjee, Chandan Chairperson
Cobb, Matt
Pires, Anu Vice Chair
Thompson, Jay
Wanne, Elina

Two pupil representatives and two staff representatives attend each board meeting.

Minutes of the School board meeting

Johtokunnan kokouksen pöytäkirja 7.10.2020 (in Finnish) (docx, 46 Kt)

Minutes of the School Board meeting 18.2.2021 (in English) (pdf, 71 Kt)

Minutes of the School Board meeting 9.6.2021 (in english) (docx, 35 Kt)