Celebrate the end of the school year with your best friends – avoid large groups

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2020-05-28 11:08

It is important that children and young people get to enjoy the end of the school year in spite of the exceptional situation. However, we all have to remember that just one person carrying the coronavirus may – whether out of thoughtlessness or even by accident, unknowingly – cause serious harm to many people. For this reason, the authorities recommend that people celebrate in small groups instead of large gatherings in public places.

“As the summer holiday begins, you may want to invest time and perhaps even some money in spending quality time with your best friend or that special someone – just the two of you. You can use social media to keep in touch with a larger group of friends,” says Chief Inspector Hannu Väänänen from the Western Uusimaa Police Department.

The best way to celebrate is by staying sober because during the coronavirus situation, the use of intoxicating substances involves not only physiological risks but also a new dimension:

“Intoxicants affect your judgement and you may forget the advice you have been given. Even a smart and cautious person may end up in a crowd of hundreds of people with practically no social distancing and where you have to shout right next to the other person to get heard,” Väänänen says.

Parents, discuss the risks with your children

Authorities still recommend that people should avoid large gatherings because of the coronavirus situation, as they make it difficult to ensure safe distances and to follow hygiene guidelines.

“Parents should also discuss this with young people as we have already seen some mass gatherings, especially in good weather,” says City of Espoo’s Chief Security Officer Petri Häkkinen.

The Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department also reminds parents to take account of the forest fire warnings and discuss the risks of campfires and disposable grills with young people.

Spring celebrations and Abreu’s gig online

Everyone in Espoo will get to enjoy a virtual spring celebration online on Saturday, 30 May. Organised by the City of Espoo and Tapiola Sinfonietta, the celebration will be streamed live on Event and Cultural Services’ Kotona247 website starting from 10:00.

Schools may also have their own remote spring celebrations or festivities for each class. Some upper secondary schools will organise a virtual ceremony for their graduates. Read more in this news article.

Children and young people can also celebrate the end of the school year by watching Abreu’s virtual gig on Saturday, 30 May. The gig will start at 17:05 and will be streamed live on the Nuori Espoo channel on YouTube.