Become a champion of the Baltic Sea – Rise to the Baltic Sea Challenge

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2021-05-20 10:38

How many actions can we make together for the benefit of the environment and people of the Baltic Sea Region?

All of us living around the Baltic Sea can contribute to the wellbeing of the sea and the residents in the region. Welcome to make actions for the Baltic Sea community, together.

Accept the challenge!

  1. Make actions for the Baltic Sea. Find 10 ideas here: 10 challenges to fit your group or school (pdf, 283 Kt). You are more than welcome to come up with your own ideas.
  2. Share your actions on social media. Add the hashtag #BalticSeaChallenge. Add #ItämeriHaasteEspoo for joining the challenge in Espoo.
  3. Share your actions at your kindergarten or school. Invite friends or family members. Encourage them to share the action on social media.
  4. Challenge another kindergarten, school, or some other actor to joinEncourage your network to share the action on social media.

Learn more about the Baltic Sea Challenge.