Preparatory education for general upper secondary school

Preparatory education is best suited for students with an immigrant background and for foreign-language students whose goal is to apply for general upper secondary school. Preparatory education aims at giving the students linguistic and other necessary skills for moving on to general upper secondary education. The studies are applicable to students who need to strenghten their Finnish language skills in order to transfer to upper secondary education.

Preparatory education lasts for one study year and comprehends 25 courses. The studies include especially Finnish language studies and they develop the skills and knowledge needed in general upper secondary school. The student can raise the grades of his/her basic education certificate and/or complete courses from general upper secondary school.

Admission criteria 

Young people who have completed basic education and whose grade point average in the basic education certificate is minimum 7.0 can apply for preparatory education for general upper secondary school. Also young people who have completed studies corresponding to the basic education syllabus abroad, and who are seen to have sufficient prerequisites to manage their studies, can be accepted. 

Young people who have already been accepted in a general upper secondary school but want more support in the Finnish language, in developing their studying skills and in developing academic language skills for general upper secondary education can apply for the studies. They will not lose their place in general upper secondary school.

The application period is February 23rd – April 7th 2021. The applications are submitted at

Entrance examination for preparatory education will be held on May 17th at 1.00 pm. Applicants are free to choose either day to participate. Participation does not require enrollment. Please note that the entrance examination is a prerequisite for admission.

Open doors for applicants

Information afternoon for applicants and study counsellors is held on January 21st at 10 am

More information (in Finnish)

In Espoo, preparatory education for vocational education and training for young people with an immigrant background is arranged by Omnia,