Joint application

Admissions to vocational education and training and general upper secondary education take place though the joint application. In the joint application, the applicant fills an electronic application form, marked with five preferred study programmes.

The electronic application form is submitted at (in Finnish), (in Swedish) or (in English). It is possible to practice filling the form before the actual application period in the same electronic system. During the actual application period, the electronic form is filled and submitted only once. If the applicant is not able to fill the form electronically, he/she can ask assistance from the guidance councellor.

The schools' own application forms

When applying for the following specialised schools and school lines/programmes, in addition to the electronic application of Studyinfo (Opintopolku), the applicant must submit the school's own application form found from the website of each school:

  • Haukilahden lukio, sports line
  • Leppävaaran lukio, sports line
  • Mattlidens gymnasium, IB-programme (only in 'harkintaan perustuva valinta')
  • Otaniemen lukio, theatre and media line

Important dates of the joint application

  • application period February 18th – March 10th 2020 3:00 pm 
  • possible entrance and aptitude tests in April-May 2020 (in Omnia no entrance or aptitude tests are held)
  • results will be announced earliest by June 11th 2020
  • accepting the study place must be confirmed latest by June 25th 2020
  • the supplementary application round for free study places begins after the results for the joint application have been announced

More information in the admissions guide (in Finnish):

Admissions guide 2020-2021