After comprehensive school

In Espoo, a study place is quaranteed for everyone who completes one’s basic education. After basic education, the majority of students continue to general upper secondary school, vocational education and training or is admitted to different kind of voluntary additional or preparatory education. Applying to studies after basic education takes place through the national Joint Application.

Results of Joint Application

Every institute sends their official admission decision to those admitted as students. The results of applicants who have given their permission are also published online. Annexed to the decision, the admitted student will receive instructions for confirming the study place. Young people remaining without a study place receive a letter of guidance in which the applicant’s points and placement on the ranking list in each applied education are described. The results of the joint application are published on Thursday 11 June 2020.

The study place must be formally accepted latest by Thursday 25 June 2020. If you do not accept the study place you have been offered, notify the institute/school about cancelling the place. Students are admitted to the cancelled places according to the ranking list.

Application times to different education options continues in the spring!

Were you left without a study place in general upper secondary school or in vocational education and training? There are still plenty of opportunities to get a further study place! Learn more about the summer’s application times and education options in advance. Additional admissions for places that have remained unfilled in the joint application begin earliest on 14 June 2019. Admissions to voluntary additional education (10th grade) begins already on 21 May 2019. Cancelled places can come up during the summer, which will be filled according to the ranking list.

Education offering are found at Opintopolku. Apply for an education and be free to have a summer holiday!

Applying to preparatory education after basic education

Applying to preparatory education after basic education takes place between 19 May–21 July 2020 through Opintopolku. The online application must be saved in the application system no later than 21 July 2020 at 3:00pm.

Preparatory education options include:

  • voluntary additional basic education (10h grade)
  • education preparing for vocational education andf training (VALMA)
  • education praparing for general upper secondary education for young people with an immigrant background (LUVA).

Results for admissions to preparatory education are published on Friday 31 July 2020. The institutes will notify of the admittance by phone. One’s study place in preparatory education will be lost if it is not accepted latest by 14 August 2020. Remember to submit the form Opiskelutietolomake perusopetuksesta jatko-opintoihin (engl. Student information form from basic education to further studies) to your new study place!

The form shall be filled in and submitted to the institute, in which the student will accept a study place for the following school year. The form is common to everyone in the capital region, and it is recommended to be filled. Pupils completing their basic education in the spring will receive the form along with their basic education certificate.

Opiskelutietolomake perusopetuksesta jatko-opintoihin (pdf, 262 Kt)

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