Operating grants for basic art education 2019

The application period for operating grants for Basic Art Education (year 2019) has begun. The application period will end on Monday the 30th of April 2018 at 15.45.

The operating grants for Basic Art Education can be applied by those Basic Art Education Institutions, which function in the area of the City of Espoo and have had their curriculum processed by the City of Espoo. A listing of these Basic Art Education Institutions is found on page Basic art education

Detailed instructions for applying the operating grants for Basic Art Education are found in principles for granting operating grants for Basic Art Education (from January 1st 2015 onwards, in Finnish) and forms  for applying (available in Finnish, later also in English).

The Finnish Education and Early Education Committee is the decision-maker of the operating grants for the Finnish-speaking Basic Art Education. Nämden Svenska Rum -committee desides for the operating grants of the Swedish speaking Basic Art Education.

Applying for the operating grants for Basic Art Education takes place by using the form for applying. The forms for applying can also be collected form the Espoo Citizen Services.

The application form and its attachments must be returned during the application time to the Registry of the City of Espoo: Espoon kaupungin kirjaamo, PL 1, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI or by e-mail: kirjaamo@espoo.fi. The application form can also be returned to the Espoo Citizen Services during the application time.