Changes in the City of Espoo’s addresses and administration

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2018-12-28 0:00

The Espoo City Council has decided that a new Espoo House will be constructed in the 2020s. Consequently, the administrative premises of the City of Espoo are currently undergoing many changes. The city will vacate its premises at the addresses Virastotalo 2 and Asemakuja 2 in Espoon keskus.

The Mayor and the Corporate Group Administration that works under him have already moved to Virastopiha 2. The building at Virastopiha 2 will include a meeting centre, to be opened in early 2019, that will serve as the meeting place of the City Board and Committees. The City Council will continue to convene at the City Council Hall at the address Espoonkatu 5.

The Sector Management of Social and Health Services, the Sector Management of Technical and Environment Services and its Public Works Department, and the Services Development unit of the Corporate Group Administration operate from now on in Tietokylä, Otaniemi, at the address Tietotie 15.

In 2019, new temporary office spaces for Espoo employees will be completed one by one at the address Tietotie 6 in Otaniemi. The same premises will include two upper secondary schools.

The Economic and City Development unit works in the A Grid building in Otaniemi, at the address Otakaari 5. A Grid also houses other Business Espoo actors such as Espoo Marketing Oy, the Uusimaa TE Office, EnterpriseEspoo, the Federation of Espoo Enterprises and some services provided by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and the Omnia municipal federation of education.

Corporate Group Administration starts work in January

The Mayor’s Office and Corporate Group Services will merge in the beginning of 2019 to form a new Corporate Group Administration. The Corporate Group Administration is in charge of managing, steering, supervising and developing the entire Corporate Group of Espoo and organising and developing support services across the city organisation, led by Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

Its units are Financing and Economy, Personnel, Economic and City Development, and Administration and Development. The Mayor is also the head of the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department and the Internal Auditing unit.


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