Busy construction season in Espoo – a record number of building permits requested

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2020-09-10 17:19

Despite uncertain times, construction continues to be busy in Espoo. Housing is being built extensively, which also shows in the great number of building permits granted for new buildings.

Between January and August, the construction of 3,617 new apartments was started. During this time, building permits have been granted for 3,304 apartments, and 1,999 apartments have been completed. Espoo’s goal for housing production is 3,300 apartments per year. At the start of 2020, 1,799 buildings and 5,531 new apartments were under construction.

The level of permits requested for apartment buildings has remained the same as in previous years, whereas the number of applications for detached houses has increased by 10 per cent compared to the three previous years. A record number of 13 building permits for schools and day care centres have been applied for and granted during early 2020.

Aerial photo of detached houses.
An increasing number of detached houses is being built in Perusmäki.

“Factors such as successful land use planning, constructing the metro, densifying the appealing district centres, and the offering of plots for detached houses have supported ongoing construction in Espoo despite the state of the economy. The greatest volume of construction is now concentrated near railway stations,” states Espoo’s Director of Building Control Pasi Timo.

Railway projects are going full steam ahead

The construction of both Jokeri Light Rail and the second phase of the metro is well underway. At the end of July, the light rail line from Keilaniemi to Itäkeskus was 28-per-cent complete. Jokeri Light Rail line will start operating in summer 2024. The continuation of the Länsimetro line between Matinkylä and Kivenlahti was 70-per-cent complete. The metro line will be completed in 2023. 

Jokeri Light Rail construction site in Leppävaara.
The Jokeri Light Rail project is going according to plan.

Other infrastructural projects in Espoo are also advancing according to plan. The most significant current projects include the street construction in Perkkaa required by the plan change of Hatsinanpuisto, the improvement work on Kauklahdenväylä by Hansatie, the improvement of Kirkkojärventie, and the street construction in the Kallvik I plan area.

With the new land use, housing and transport plan (MAL plan) between the state and the municipalities, the planning of Espoo’s city rail link can now start properly. The state’s decision to participate in the costs of the rail link will substantially advance the sustainable development of Espoo’s five urban centres.

Espoo is investing in new schools and day care centres

New schools and day care centres are also being constructed extensively throughout Espoo. The largest ongoing projects include the Monikko school centre, Jousenkaari school, and the Kungsgårdsskolan och daghem project.

In addition to this, the schools of Pohjois-Tapiola, Perkkaa and Nauriskaski are also being constructed and will likely be completed by autumn 2022. The construction of Kuitinmäki school, Nöykkiönniitty day care centre, and Kilo school and day care centre will start in 2021. These projects are all part of the plan through which the City of Espoo will implement schools and day care centres with long maintenance agreements with a private service provider.

Photos by: Olli Urpela