An increase in coronavirus infections puts a strain on contact tracing

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2021-07-20 16:31

The number of coronavirus infections in Espoo has increased. Infections have been currently detected especially in young adults, and their source has been concentrated in leisure activities.

Contact tracing is currently congested due to the rapid increase in infections. We currently contact exposed individuals within 2-3 days at the latest. Due to the congested situation, we have increased the number of staff working on contact tracing. Our contact tracing team work Monday-Sunday, 08:00-21:00.

Initial information about a coronavirus infection or exposure may be sent via text message. If you receive a text message, please follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, you can call the Espoo’s coronavirus helpline and test appointment number: 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri 07:00-18:00 and Sat – Sun 09:00–15:00).

It is important for anyone who suspects that they may have been exposed to the coronavirus to make sure that the disease does not spread onwards.

Multiple exposures in public places

We have become aware of several cases where exposure to coronavirus has been possible in public spaces, and tracing all those present has not been possible. Information about the potential exposures in public areas is collectively available on our website. We will also report the places with potential exposures on our Twitter account, @Espoonsote.

If you were present in any of those places at those times, carefully monitor whether you begin to display any symptoms of coronavirus infection for the next 14 days, and get tested if you exhibit even the slightest symptoms. You can make an appointment for a coronavirus test online at or by calling the coronavirus helpline and test appointment number, tel. 09 8163 4600 (Mon–Fri 07:00–18:00 and Sat–Sun 09:00-15:00).

Take a test even for mild symptoms

Symptoms of coronavirus infection are similar to the common cold and stomach flu. The symptoms are varied, including e.g. fever, cough, headache, nausea, diarrhoea, muscle pain, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath and loss of sense of smell or taste.

If you have even mild symptoms, you should book a test and avoid contacts until you receive a test result. Under no circumstances should you meet other people if you have symptoms.

Download Koronavilkku

If you are not yet using Koronavilkku, please download it to your phone. Koronavilkku gives you information and instruction on what to do if you have been exposed to coronavirus. If you have been infected, the app also allows you to report this anonymously.

The restrictions and recommendations in place in Espoo have been compiled on a website: