A record number of applications for plots for detached houses

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2020-10-15 15:11

A total of 78 plots were available in the City of Espoo’s application round for detached house plots around the city. We received 1,863 applications.

“It’s great to see that the plots for detached houses garner interest even during these exceptional times. The level of popularity shows that Espoo is a desired location and Espoo residents trust in the future,” says Chief Real Estate Officer Hilkka Julkunen.

Construction site for a detached house. A light-coloured two-storey semi-detached house in the front. A dark-coloured single-storey semi-detached house in the back.
Construction site for detached houses in Lintuvaara, Espoo. Image: Katja Repo

Most of the plots are in Kurttila and Henttaa, with a few in Lintuvaara and Perusmäki. Applicants can choose whether they wish to lease or purchase a plot.

During week 41, random numbers were drawn for the plot applicants. They will have a chance to select their plot in the order based on these numbers. The plot selection events will be held during November and December. The applicants with numbers 1–75 will be invited to the first selection event.

More available plots than before

This year’s plot application round was also more extensive in terms of the number of plots available. Last year’s plot application round included 54 plots, mostly in Lintuvaara, and 943 applications were received.