Health Centres

Espoo has 10 municipal health centres. They have by doctors, nurses and public health nurses, and some of them have laboratory and radiology services, and physiotherapy.


Doctors at health centres
Espoo has both City-run and private health centres. All residents are entitled to consult a doctor at their local health centre. The patient can make an appointment with any doctor in health centre who is available.  These personal doctors are general practitioners. When necessary, they also refer patients to specialists or hospitals. Printable instructions (pdf)

Except in urgent cases requiring immediate emergency care, doctors’ appointments must be booked in advance. For consulting a doctor at a health centre, a fee of 13,80 €  is charged for each of the three first visits during the same calendar year. Additional visits during the same year are free of charge. A missed uncancelled visit costs EUR 33,90.

A private doctor is more expensive. The Social Insurance Institution (KELA) will, however, reimburse part of the cost agaist a proper receipt. Many workplaces provide occupational health services.

Nurse's reception
A doctor’s appointment is not necessary for everything relating to illness. You can visit a nurse for these matters: the common cold, stomach flu, suspected urinary tract infection, short-term sick leave certificates, minor injuries and accidents, insect bites, suspected venereal disease or unwanted pregnancy and acute back-ache. Call your local health centre to find out if an appointment is needed for the nurse’s reception.



(09) 10023 telephone health service
Call (09) 10023 always when you are in need of information about health, illnesses or health care services in Espoo. Telephone health service is open 24 hours in every day of the year. Service is given by professional nurses with long experience in health care. Service costs the price of a normal telephone call.





Oma Lääkärisi Puolarmetsä will start on 27 October 2014-10-17
Puolarmetsä Health Centre will become Oma Lääkärisi Puolarmetsä on Monday 27 October. The appointment booking and information number will change on the 27th October at 8 am. The new number is 09 855 4100. The address, opening hours and client fees remain unchanged.
Change at Matinkylä Health Centre starting 27 October: Nurse on-call surgery only by appointment 2014-10-17
Call Matinkylä Health Centre appointment booking number first. If you need urgent care, you will be given an appointment to the nurse’s on-call surgery that same day. Due to this change, your waiting time at the health centre will be shorter.


  • The appointment booking and information telephone number of Puolarmetsä Health Centre will serve you normally on Thursday and Friday 23–24 October, tel. 09 816 42410. Urgent cases will be redirected to Matinkylä Health Centre. If you need a vaccination, you can come to the vaccination surgery at Matinkylä Health Centre on Tuesday 21 October 8–9:30am
  • The repository is part of the new health care information system, the National Archive of Health Information. Through My Kanta pages, you can view your health data, give your consent to the disclosure of your health data or prohibit such disclosure, and monitor the disclosure of your health data.
  • When you call your health centre, you can choose (1-4): cancellation of an appointment, booking an appointment, laboratory results or other matters.
  • As of the beginning of 2014, you can select your health station anywhere in continental Finland.
  • The residents of postal code area 02760 will be re-assigned to a new health centre, Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori, which opens at Kamreerintie 7, 5th floor.
Published 2012-01-19 15:07 , updated 2012-01-19 15:07