The Viherkallio School

Viherkallio is known from their leadership based on agreements, new working culture and student centered way of thinking. The combination of student’s ownership of their learning, freedom of choice, individual learning, learning environments and high level ICT models are the keys how the school will answer to the demands of the future. They are making the 21st Century skills visible already today with the emphasis on drama, interaction and the benefits of ICT. The use of space inside or outside the classroom is based on the idea of teacher’s knowledge of the students, group handling, school safety, student’s self-direction and the circle of trust. Together with parents they are taking more learning from outside the school to support life-long learning, so that it will continue not only during school but always after that.

The Viherkallio Elementary School is the 3rd oldest school in Espoo located in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature. It has been established in 1914. The school building was built in 1958 and it has been renovated in 2006.

There are class levels from pre-primary education (optional) to sixth grade with 350 pupils and 30 teachers working in close co-operation with 7 assistants in our school. In addition to Finnish pupils we have 16 different nationalities, 10% of total amount of pupils, presented in our school.

In Viherkallio School we want to emphasize multiple ways of finding and processing information within a secure and well-mannered learning environment. The work philosophy of our school consists of three main focus areas: To find information in different ways - especially using ICT - and make something new of it. To use different ways to learn and to use different kinds of pedagogic ideas – with a strong emphasis on drama - as well as to learn to use various interaction skills in living and learning. We believe above mentioned skills are of great value in future life.

If you got interested in our school or want to know more about our work philosophy or school system in general, please contact us. You can contact us by email or phone (see contact info below). Our staff will warmly welcome you.

See more about our strengths, emphasis on ICT and Drama, flexible pupil grouping or the speciality of our school; skills and arts education, through links.

Strengths of Viherkallio School

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