Daycare and education

Espoo provides education for people of all ages from daycare to adult education. Courses include Finnish language courses, courses that prepare students for Finnish comprehensive schools or for vocational studies, courses offered by the Adult Education Center (Työväenopisto), and courses arranged as employment measures by the Espoo Employment and Economic Development Office (the TE-Office, website in Finnish only).

See Info Bank  for more information about the Finnish education system in 15 languages.

Early childhood education (Daycare and pre-primary education)

Early childhood education consists of interlinked care and education. Its aim is to ensure the prerequisites for healthy growth, development and learning.

If you are looking for daycare or pre-primary education for your child, you will find more information on the Espoo Daycare and Pre-primary Education pages and at Info Bank

Comprehensive school

If you are looking for a school for your child, please contact the unit for . Here they will advise you on how to find the appropriate school for your child.

In Espoo, students from different language and cultural groups are provided Preparatory Education for comprehensive school, Intensified Support after preparatory education, Finnish as a Second Language Instruction and Instruction in One’s Mother Tongue / maintenance of a language acquired abroad.

For more information about these forms of instruction and education, please see Info Bank. For more information about education in Espoo, please see Comprehensive School.

Young Immigrants' Group NUMA

Instruction for Young Immigrants (NUMA Group) is meant for 15-25-year-old Espoo residents who have just recently moved to Finland and need instruction in the Finnish language before continuing with their education or going to work. For more information about education and NUMA, please also see Info Bank.

High School (Upper Secondary School) and Adult High School

In Espoo, education at the high school (upper secondary school) level is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. See  for more information. In Espoo, you can take the international IB-examination in Espoo at the Swedish-language  and at Etelä-Tapiola High School. At  (Espoon aikuislukio, webpage in Finnish only) you can complete upper secondary school, the matriculation examination and comprehensive school level subjects as both daytime and evening classes.

For more information about education in Espoo, please also see Info Bank.

Other forms of education

Various forms of  ("Korkeakoulut", webpage in Finnish only), ("Ammatillinen koulutus", webpage in Finnish only) and immigrant preparatory training (including MAVA Preparatory Training for Immigrants for Vocational Training) are available in Espoo. Before starting regular courses, If your Finnish language skills are not yet sufficient for vocational training, you can apply for a MAVA course at Omnia (webpage in Finnish only), for example,