In Espoo Advisory Service


In Espoo serves people moving from abroad

People moving to Espoo from abroad can obtain guidance and advice on day-to-day issues and on dealing with the authorities from the In Espoo Advisory Service. In Espoo provides services in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The service is free of charge.

The advisory service provides information on the service system, available forms of support and the various authorities and directs customers to the appropriate services. The advisory service staff can explain official letters and help fill in applications and other forms. The advisory service does not include the making of actual official decisions. Customers are given guidance in using electronic services, and the advisory service also has terminals available for customers.

Typical advisory issues for advice include Finnish social security and health services, housing, Finnish language courses and other training and education, job opportunities, free-time activities as well as issues related to citizenship or work and residence permits.

If necessary, we will guide you to the appropriate place where the issue concerning you can be taken care of.

Pyyntitie 3, Southern Adult Social Work

Wednesday   9 - 12  Finnish, English, Swedish
Thursday  12 - 15  Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish
Friday  12 - 15  Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish

Komentajankatu 5 C, Northern Adult Social Work

Monday  9 - 12 Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish
Wednesday  9 - 12  Russian, Finnish, English


You can also book an appointment at other times for advice. You reach us best during our phone hour  between 15-16 o’ clock: 

046 8772582 Russia, Finnish, English
046 8773627 Finnish, English, Swedish


Information about Finland for immigrants in their own languages 2015-10-13 is a multilingual online information service that offers users a comprehensive information package about Finland. The service is intended for all immigrants and those planning to move to Finland who do not know Finnish.
Published 2015-03-27 14:00 , updated 2015-03-27 13:58

Target group:
  • Immigrants