Health services

Health services in Espoo cover health care at health centres, dental care, hospital and institutional care, mental health services, medical rehabilitation and therapy, child clinics, school and student health care, and occupational health services.

Summer in social and health services 2016-06-20
The telephone services at health centres, neuvolas, dental clinics and social welfare offices are available as usual. Some services have revised opening hours. Emergency on-call services are available around the clock.
Iso Omena Service Centre opens August 11, 2016 - Changes in health services and neuvolas 2016-06-13
The health centre Oma Lääkärisi Puolarmetsä, the Tapiola X-ray unit, the laboratories in Puolarmetsä and Matinkylä and the neuvolas (maternity and child health clinics) in Matinkylä and Olari will move to the Service Centre. Therefore, there are some exceptions in our opening hours in July-August.




Published 2011-12-23 8:37 , updated 2015-02-16 9:47