In life-threatening situations, call 112.

Emergencies during office hours

During office hours (8–16), you can seek help from your own centres for social and health services, i.e. doctors at health centres, social workers, and the staff at prenatal and child care clinics and mental health clinics. Contact information

First aid and on-call health centre services

Weekdays 8 am–4 pm
In the event of sudden illness or accident, contact your own health centre. In cases requiring first aid, you can come to the health centre without calling first.

At other times
For advice on seeking on-call services, you can call 09 87 10023

  • between 4 pm and 8 am on weekday evenings and nights
  • around the clock on weekends and national holidays

If necessary, the 09 87 10023 number will connect your call to other on-call services:

On-call dental services

Weekdays 7 am–3 pm
Appointment booking for urgent care, tel. 09 816 35900
Children and young people under 18 and persons with reduced mobility receive urgent care at their own dental clinic. Adults receive urgent care at the Kilo dental clinic, Trillakatu 5.

Weekdays 2–9 pm and weekends 8 am–9 pm
Appointment booking for urgent care, tel. 09 3104 9999
Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, Building 12, Helsinki.

Nights 9 pm–8 am
Appointment booking for urgent care, tel. 040 621 5699
Emergency Department, Töölönkatu 40.

Mental health, substance abuse, violence, crises and traumatic situations

Social and Crisis Emergency Services are available around the clock, tel. 09 816 42439. You can call the number in issues relating to mental health or substance abuse, child welfare or other social work, development or change crisis, family or relationship crisis, life management or housing, traumatic crisis, accidents or other traumatic events. Social and Crisis Emergency Services website

Omatila provides round-the-clock help in domestic violence issues, tel. 043 825 0535.

The sobering-up station provides round-the-clock service, tel. 09 816 32469. The sobering-up station helps people who need medical monitoring due to intoxication. Also available are detoxification treatment and advice. Sobering-up stations website

On-call veterinary services

Weekdays 8 am–4 pm
Veterinary services are provided by Espoon Seudun Ympäristöterveys, tel. 09 8168 4458.

At other times
On-call services are provided by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.