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Health and well-being, family, livelihood and employment, ageing, immigration...

The City of Espoo offers care, treatment, advice and support in various life situations. Our clientele covers the entire spectrum of city residents from newborns to people over 100 years of age. We are centralising our services along good traffic connections, online and as telephone services. We also offer some services at the client’s home.

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Emergency health center and dental services, social and crisis emergency services and emergency veterinary services are available around the clock on Midsummer 24-26th June.
The telephone services at health centres, neuvolas, dental clinics and social welfare offices are available as usual. Some services have revised opening hours. Emergency on-call services are available around the clock.




  • The 2016 European Social Marketing Conference will bring together seasoned practitioners from the private, public and NGO sectors together with leading academics, policy makers, researchers and industry to explore and enrich Social Marketing practice around Europe.
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