Municipal election in Espoo – preliminary results

2017-04-11 11:42

The National Coalition Party again retained its position as the largest party in Espoo City Council. The second largest number of seats was won by the Green League, while third place went to the Social Democratic Party of Finland. A total of 75 councillors were elected in Espoo.

Based on a preliminary count of votes, seats are to be awarded as follows. The change compared to the 2012 election results is shown in brackets.

  • National Coalition Party: 26 seats (change: -3)
  • Green League: 17 seats (change: +4)
  • Social Democratic Party of Finland: 10 seats (no change)
  • Finns Party: 7 seats (change: -3)
  • Swedish People's Party of Finland: 6 seats (change: -1)
  • Centre Party: 3 seats (change: +1)
  • Left Alliance: 3 seats (change: +1)
  • Christian Democrats of Finland: 2 seats (no change)
  • Liberal Party – Freedom for Choice: 1 seat (change: +1)

Voter turnout relatively high in Espoo

Voter turnout increased slightly to 60.1% (59.3% in 2012). This percentage is slightly higher than the national average. 21.8% of those eligible to vote used early voting and 38.3% voted on election day.

The highest voter turnout percentages were in Jupperi (76.2% of those entitled to vote), Westend (74.2%) and Koivu-Mankkaa (74.0%). At the other end of the spectrum were Sokinvuori-Kirstinmäki (37.8%), Jouppi-Kirstinsyrjä (39.7%) and Suurpelto-Henttaa (48.9%).

Ministry of Justice - Result Service 

Annexes (in Finnish):

Elected councillors by group, preliminary result (pdf, 12 Kt)

Received votes of all candidates, preliminary result (pdf, 51 Kt)

Voter turnout by area, preliminary result (pdf, 13 Kt)