Espoo is a garden of innovation and adventurous experiences

Espoo is a garden of innovation and adventurous experiences - Espoo Innovation Garden. This refers to innovative, common ways of working and a culture of collaboration and co-creation; it's a communal way of thinking and doing things. Espoo Innovation Garden spreads and enriches the Espoo story.

Espoo Innovation Garden is a growing and developing ecosystem that offers diverse services in the area that includes Otaniemi, Keilaniemi and Tapiola. It is the home of the biggest innovation hub in the Northern Europe with thriving international companies, the hottest Startup Sauna on the planet, various cultural activities and sports clubs as well as a renowned community of scientists and researchers. Science and technology, business, arts and sports all make the Garden flourish. In our Innovation Garden high-tech business and nature are well in balance. 

A total of 5,000 researchers, 25 research and development organisations and a number of Finnish listed companies operate in the area People of 100 different nationalities working in the area  make it a community of strong international character. The active centre of science and business is enriched by abundant offering of arts and cultural events.

Espoo Innovation Garden -logo

Encounters - planned or serendipitous - between people are a source of innovation and new experiences. The more gardeners are tending to it, the more it will grow and flourish. Everyone is welcome to claim their own cabbage patch and together with other gardeners make it bloom and grow - join in the creation of new innovation and experiences.

Making the dream garden come true

Espoo Innovation Garden's aim is to bring together the various partners operating in the area and to encourage their collaboration and sense of community. We are making our dreams come true by nurturing the best companies, the best research and the best environment to work and live in. We want to prepare a seedbed for creating new jobs and a good strong living environment in the spirit of co-creation with companies, communities and residents. Our aim is to be the ground where innovation can grow and a partner who makes sure innovations work.

We want to increase joint activities in order to create opportunities for success for the entire country as well as good life for the people living and working in the area. Our dream is to make the Innovation Garden bear fruit for the entire metropolitan area and all of Finland.