For entrepreneurs and those planning to set up a business

Espoo aims to improve the operational preconditions of companies in Espoo to as flexible and agile as possible. Entrepreneurs’ wishes and expectations are determined with the help of an annual survey.

In addition, Espoo arranges discussion and networking events in which the entrepreneurs and city experts can meet. Information events related to city procurements and the annual Autumn Meeting are examples of this. At the Autumn Meeting, our experts are on site to meet entrepreneurs and to answer to their questions. Espoo handles communications aimed at companies in co-operation with EnterpriseEspoo, Espoon Yrittäjät and Espoo Marketing.

The Procurement Counsellor helps entrepreneurs in matters related to Espoo’s procurements.

Entrepreneur education plays an important role in Espoo. Me & MyCity Espoo, which started its operations in the autumn of 2014 at the Nokia campus, offers the world’s best entrepreneurship education for sixth-graders in Espoo.

Supporting entrepreneurship and business activities is a key element of the city’s strategy, the Espoo story. Practical implementation is guided by the cross-administrative development programme ‘Competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship’.

Espoo welcomes companies, researchers and developers to join in the developing of the city’s services and in finding new solutions for Espoo’s challenges.