Jobs and enterprise

Many Finnish exchange-listed companies are based in Espoo. The campus and research area of Otaniemi is the largest hub of high technology in the Nordic countries. Together with Tapiola and Keilaniemi, Otaniemi forms an area in which science, art and the economy nourish each other. Espoo has as many jobs as working people.

The City of Espoo itself provides employment to almost 14 000 people. Espoo is a plural and multicultural city. Good customer services are provided by personnel who are familiar with the needs of customers from Espoo. The City of Espoo wants its employees to feel well, develop their personal know-how and professional skills as well as experience joy through their work.

According to an international benchmark study, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe. The study showed that measured by the economic, sociocultural and ecological sustainability scores, the growth city of Espoo has managed to maintain its sustainable development. The survey was prepared for the Dutch presidency of the European Union, and it covered more than 140 cities in the EU.
Energy company St1’s geothermal heat production project is moving on to the next phase in Espoo. A giant drilling rig with auxiliary systems have been assembled in the area of a Fortum heat plant in Otaniemi, and the drilling of deep wells for Finland's first geothermal pilot plant will begin in the next few days.


Published 2012-01-17 13:12 , updated 2012-01-18 12:21