P-merkki_kiekko_muokattu_2.jpgThe Technical Department is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of streets and green areas in Espoo as well as parking control.

 Parking in Espoo

Street parking in Espoo is usually allowed only on marked parking spaces. Parking on the sides of streets is free of charge however time is often restricted. Parking is most often subject to a time-limit from Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 18:00. In those cases the longest allowed parking time is four hours. The time-restricted parking hours are marked on each traffic sign. Espoo also has a number of private car parks.

In suburban areas, parking on the sides of the street is free of charge. However, especially in residential areas, local parking bans restrict parking. Information on a possible ban is posted on the side of the entryways to the area.

Parking control

Compliance with parking regulations in Espoo is supervised by traffic wardens. The purpose of parking control is to prevent illegal parking. Illegal parking is subject to a parking ticket. Illegal parking in Espoo carries a parking fine of € 40. If the ticket is not paid by its due date, the amount of the fine is increased by 12 euros. The police also monitor parking. If illegal parking causes serious danger or inconvenience, traffic wardens will notify the police of illegal parking.


  • The price of parking tickets in Espoo increases to 60 euros as from 16 April, 2012.
    The Ministry of the Interior issued a regulation on the increase of the price of parking tickets. A proposal to increase the price of parking tickets in Espoo was submitted to the Ministry of the Interior by the City Board based on an initiative made by the Technical Services Committee.
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