Climate goals aim for carbon neutrality

In order to control climate change, the city has prepared an ambitious climate programme, aiming for carbon neutral status by 2050. Prior to that, the city wants to reduce its resident-specific emissions by 60% by 2030, compared with 1990.

In the climate programme, Espoo has committed to:

  • Improve its public transportation and increase low-emission mobility
  • Make Espoo a well-functioning cycling city
  • Expedite repair, additional and complementary construction
  • Promote the commissioning of renewable energy sources
  • Promote a low-emission lifestyle through land use planning
  • Reduce the climate impact of the city’s own operations

The programme also includes a short-term action plan to quickly reduce emissions by 2020.

In addition to its own climate programme, Espoo is also committed to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Climate Strategy and related objectives. Moreover, the city intends to continue the Ministry of Labour and the Economy’s Finnish Municipalities' Energy Efficiency Agreement and Energy Programme (KETS) and, within the scope of Espoon Asunnot’s rental properties, the Property and Building Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement for rental properties until 2025.