Customer services

The shared service number for Technical and Environmental Services

will usually answer your questions during the phone call. In matters requiring further investigation, we will contact you as soon as possible.  If your matter is urgent, please call us on 09 8162 5000.

On the E-services page, you will find our electronic services.

Permits and instructions

Electronic services for various departments are available as follows

Exceptional opening hours

The Technical Services Department at Virastotalo 3 will be closed on 14–27 July 2014 (weeks 29 and 30).  On Thursday, 19 June 2014, we will serve until 1 pm, and then all offices will be closed on Midsummer’s Eve.

When the Technical Services department is closed, its customer service will be available in staircase C, first floor, Mon, Wed–Fri 8:00 am–3:45 pm and Tue 10:00 am–3:45 pm. The City Survey Department customer service will be closed, but its cable and pipe information service will be available at the customer service point in staircase C. On 14–27 July 2014, building location surveys are to be ordered from a temporary number, 050 5685904. Building location calculations and terrain marking will not be performed during this time.

The City Planning Department at Virastotalo 2 will be closed on 14–27 July 2014 (weeks 29 and 30). Current plans and announcements will also be available for viewing during this time at the Registry Office at Entresse, Siltakatu 11.

The Building Control Centre customer service will serve customers as usual, Mon–Fri 8:00 am–3:45 pm, throughout the summer. The permit processors will be on holiday on 14–27 July 2014 (weeks 29 and 30), during which time their telephone service and appointment booking will be closed. Permit decisions will not be made during this time. The technical unit’s inspectors will also serve customers during their usual telephone hours in the summer.

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