Major Urban Development

Espoo is the second biggest and the fastest growing city in Finland. Espoo companies are responsible for around 50 % of the turnover in the Helsinki Stock Exchange. As part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, it is a gateway between Europe, Russia and Asia. Therefore global headquarters of major Finnish companies and more than 430 international companies are located in Espoo. Our business friendly environment offers an accessible location, functional infrastructure, modern logistics and communications networks for international companies and investors.

Espoo is a home of city booming startup scene, multiple headquarters of global corporations, hundreds of innovative SME's and companies in knowledge-intensive sectors.

  • 24 % of the Helsinki capital area population live in Espoo
  • over 51 % of residents hold a university degree
  • 24 % population growth within next 20 years
  • approx. 20 % of jobs in ICT sector
  • 95 lakes, 165 islands, 58 km of coastline
  • culture and sports activities for all

The area around Espoo is a thriving region that covers Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallin. Its direct neighbours are Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and the Airport city of Vantaa.

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West Metro - The largest infrastructure project in Finland

West Metro, the largest infrastructure project in Finland, will connect the capital region even better.

In the first phase new metro stations in Espoo will be located in Keilaniemi, Otaniemi, Tapiola, Niittykumpu, Urheilupuisto and Matinkylä. These are all established commercial property submarkets, where significant development projects are currently being carried out.

In January 2017 it will connect Espoo and Helsinki
• In the first phase 14 km new tunnel and 8 new stations

Second phase 7 km of tunnel and 5 new stations, completed 2020
• 170,000 passengers each day

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