City planning

The City Planning Department is in charge of the planning of Espoo land use

Urban planning focuses on laying out plans on how land will be used. In land use plans, separate areas are reserved for housing, work places, services, traffic and green zones.

A town plan is needed, for instance, when planning a new region or the services of an existing region or when changing traffic arrangements.

The master plan directs the town plan, which is more specific and determines what a particular area can be used for and what type of single-family house can be built on a certain plot, for example.

When new plans are laid or the existing Espoo regions are improved, different reports are drawn on the area in question (these include, for example, environmental, noise and traffic reports). Discussions with authorities are utilised as needed. This information will then be used to prepare a draft of the initial material, which may include different alternatives.

The opinions of the municipality residents and making an impact

Those municipality residents whom the planning concerns can at this stage express their opinions on the material. Larger projects will be planned in co-operation with the residents and operators of the area in different resident workshops, the details of which will be notified separately.

More information on the planning of different areas of the city can be obtained from the regional planners. Significant plans and changes to existing plans are under the authority of the City Council.