Mauritz Hellström: Photographer of Espoo

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Mauritz HellströmI moved to Espoo with my young family in the spring of 1968, and have stayed here ever since. My roots in Central Ostrobothnia are still intact, but I find that my home is in Espoo and I like it here. The spirit of Espoo and its lifestyle is positive and cultured.

Through a series of coincidences, I began to chronicle the lives of Espoo residents in photographic form. This was largely due to the local Länsiväylä newspaper, which was started around that time, as well as the increased communication needs of the commercial sector and later the city organisation in Espoo. In addition to shooting for the paper, I provided photographs for four books on the city.

In many ways, Espoo represents Finland in miniature form.

Mauritz Hellström