Housing and environment

Espoo is home to more than 260 000 people. As the second largest city in Finland, Espoo is an enjoyable, lively and rapidly growing and developing place of residence. The network-like urban structure of Espoo relies heavily on the routes and nodes of road and rail traffic. In the upcoming years, a record number of investments will be made in developing the city. 

The City of Espoo is a significant builder. It develops and builds e.g. traffic lanes, park and other public areas as well as premises for the city’s own service production. Public building enables the creation and maintenance of the basic necessities of urban life. Public building projects are often the result of cooperation between multiple parties.

Would you like to share memories? Different generations meet in this exhibition, inviting visitors to tread the paths of a fairy-tale forest that implements a sustainable way of life. In the “Time Travel – family stories” project, children, families and educators at day care centres in Espoo have explored the childhood of different generations.
According to an international benchmark study, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe. The study showed that measured by the economic, sociocultural and ecological sustainability scores, the growth city of Espoo has managed to maintain its sustainable development. The survey was prepared for the Dutch presidency of the European Union, and it covered more than 140 cities in the EU.


Published 2011-12-22 7:23 , updated 2015-01-02 9:39