Espoo is looking for ideas and partners for digitalization

2017-09-13 12:38

The City of Espoo city is looking for new innovative digital solutions to be tested. The solutions should improve services and develop operations. In our campaign Make Espoo Better we are looking for solutions to be tested between October 2017 and the end of 2018.

Proposals can be submitted 7th September to 30th September 2017 by companies, operators in research, development and innovation and other communities. We also encourage co-development and partnership. This means that proposals can also be submitted by consortia consisting of companies, corporations and/or research and educational institutions.

The campaign Make Espoo Better invites you to a pitch event in Valtuustotalo (City Council House), Espoonkatu 5, Espoon keskus, 20th September 2017. If you are interested in taking part in the campaign you can present your proposals for digital solutions to the city’s experts and get immediate sparring and response before submitting your application.

Client-oriented digital services

The purpose of the city’s digitalization experiments is to find solutions with the greatest potential to try out and use in the city’s services. We are first and foremost looking for quality of experiments, not so much for quantity.

– Espoo grows, develops and diversifies. Our aim is to develop client-oriented digital services. The need for services is increasing and we must be able to serve clients of different ages and with different linguistic backgrounds. New digital solutions can facilitate everyday life and provide new ways to work environmentally-friendly and socially and economically sustainable, says Valia Wistuba, Development Manager of Espoo’s Digital Agenda.

Four focus areas

In particular, we want to find solutions in four focus areas:

  • new solutions for mobility to create new ways for mobility in Espoo,
  • development of services and operations through client-oriented digital services,
  • development of the city's services and operations through robotics and
  • diversification of the use of the city’s premises indoors and outdoors using new technology.

Criteria for judgement

The most important criteria are:

  • the novelty value,
  • the value for the client,
  • the benefit for the city,
  • overall economic benefit,
  • compatibility with the Story of Espoo (the story is updated in mid-September, the baseline is the same as before), and
  • estimated scope/possibilities for expansion within the city’s services.

We will evaluate the proposals for experiments in an expert group and inform the selected partners in October 2017.

The budget for one experiment can be between 1 000 and 30 000 euros depending on the number of clients or scope of the client group participating in the experiment and on the complexity of the solution. The selected experiments and partners also commit to communication during the experiment, service design of the solution, collection of user experiences and evaluation of success.

Submit your proposal for a digital solution experiment by 30th September at 4 pm. Also submit your proposal/proposals as a pdf attachment to

  • The questionnaire is in Finnish. Please answer the questions in either Finnish or Swedish.
  • The digitalization experiment must also be realizable in Finnish.

Registration for the pitch event 20th September by 15th September 2017: