Health file

Through the Health File, you can access your doctor's or nurse's services electronically and monitor the treatment plan of your illness. An electronic agreement must be completed to use the Health File. Health centres do not collect a fee for use of the electronic services.

Use of the service requires that:

  • pop-up windows and JavaScript are allowed. Instructions for switching on JavaScript you can read from user guide.
  • you use supported browser: Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome 35+ Mozilla Firefox 28+.

The Health File lists the following health and treatment information:

  • permanent diagnostic, medication and vaccination information
  • treatment plans for illnesses
  • medication sheet if you are on anticoagulants that require monitoring
  • links to the Health Library.

Through the Health File, you can send short non-urgent questions regarding the treatment of your chronic illness or the treatment plan to your doctor or nurse. The service is not intended for handling urgent matters.

On this page, you can carry out an electronic health check. The virtual health check provides you with information about factors that affect your health. You will see how lifestyle habits affect your estimated life expectancy and your risk of suffering from illnesses that decrease your lifespan and quality of life.

The Health File is not connected to the My Kanta service at

The results of laboratory tests will be shown in the Kanta service as soon as the results are available. The comments of health care professionals on your results will be available for one week from the provision of the results.

Check your test results through the service. This gives the health centre staff time to serve you more efficiently in other matters.

By signing in, you can also access the electronic appointment booking for health services and the order for free treatment supplies and equipment.

Service type

Use of the service requires strong authentication using your online banking credentials, certificate card or mobile certificate. e-Identification is a shared identification service of public administration e-services. It enables secure electronic identification. e-Identification is the responsibility of the Population Register Centre.

More information on the e-identification

Mobile authentication works on Elisa, Sonera and DNA mobile subscriptions for which the Mobile Certificate service has been activated. Finnish)

Supported browsers

The e-service works best with the latest browsers and devices. Functionality is not guaranteed on all devices, such as mobile phones or tablet computers.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 47, Firefox 38, Safari 9 or the latest versions of these

Supported devices: Devices running Android 4.3, iOS 8.3 and Windows 8.1 or the latest versions of these

Support for health care e-services

If you experience technical problems (problems with logging in, error messages, etc.), please contact the support by email or by calling 0981634300.

The support is open weekdays at 8.30 am–4 pm.

You can also give us feedback via our online feedback service.

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