Dental booking

You can check, cancel or move your own appointment or that of your child under the age of 14. You can fill in your preliminary information form online, if you have received a text message regarding this matter. Signing in also provides you access to the Health File.

Espoo Dental Care improves the booking services available online.  In future, adults may book online an appointment to a dentist or to a dental hygienist based on the individual oral health plan developed by the dentist. For other appointments for adults, please contact the dental care services’ call-center.

In this service you can:

  • check, cancel or move your own appointment or that of your child under the age of 14 using your online banking credentials or Mobile Certificate assuming that the correct contact person information has been given to dental care
  • cancel or move non-urgent appointments for follow-up treatment
  • cancel semi-urgent appointments (the estimated need of treatment being within 3 weeks)
  • make an appointment for a dental health examination for 1-, 3- and 5 year-old children, when you have received a letter of invitation
  • fill in a preliminary information form regarding an appointment booked for yourself or for your child under the age of 14, if you have received a text message regarding this matter
  • book an appointment to a dentist or a dental hygienist (only adults over 18 years of age). Online booking service is available, if your dentist or dental hygienist har afterJanuary the 2nd, 2017 developed for you an individual oral health plan including timing of your next appointment. Booking can be made online during the month before or during the three months after the planned month of next appointment.

Urgent appointments and orthodontics appointmentscannot be cancelled or moved electronically.

For patients over the age of 15, a fee of EUR 51.40 will be collected for a missed, uncancelled dental appointment.

You can check your child's contact person information when visiting your dental clinic or by phoning appointment booking tel. 09 816 30300.

Additional information on the service
An electronic preliminary information form can be filled in online instead of a paper form available at the dental clinic.

Service type

Use of the service requires strong authentication using your online banking credentials, certificate card or mobile certificate. e-Identification is a shared identification service of public administration e-services. It enables secure electronic identification. e-Identification is the responsibility of the Population Register Centre.

More information on the e-identification

Mobile authentication works on Elisa, Sonera and DNA mobile subscriptions for which the Mobile Certificate service has been activated. Finnish)

Supported browsers

The e-service works best with the latest browsers and devices. Functionality is not guaranteed on all devices, such as mobile phones or tablet computers.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 47, Firefox 38, Safari 9 or the latest versions of these

Supported devices: Devices running Android 4.3, iOS 8.3 and Windows 8.1 or the latest versions of these

Support for health care e-services

If you experience technical problems (problems with logging in, error messages, etc.), please contact the support by email or by calling 0981634300.

The support is open weekdays at 8.30 am–4 pm.

You can also give us feedback via our online feedback service.

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