MyFinance is an online service for financial and debt counselling where you can find information and guidance for taking control of your finances. Use of the service requires authentication using your online banking credentials or the Mobile Certificate.

You can use the service to pose questions to our financial and debt counsellors and find answers to frequently asked questions.

You can book appointment to Financial and debt counselling, tel. 0800 9 3488, open Mon–Thu 10 am–12 pm. Once you have booked an appointment with a financial and debt counsellor, a feature will be activated through which you can send information regarding your financial situation using an electronic form. Please note that simply submitting the information will not lead to any measures at financial and debt counselling.

The City of Espoo financial and debt counselling provides guidance for resolving financial problems. You will also receive advice for planning your finances to avoid financial difficulties in future.

MyFinance works with the following browsers

MyFinance service supports certain browsers. For security reasons and general functionality, we recommend that you use the latest browser versions.

The supported browsers for MyFinance service are:

  • Internet Explorer (version 9 or later)
  • Firefox (version 32 or later)
  • Chrome  (version 36 or later)

Partially supported browsers for the MyFinance service are:

  • Safari
  • Opera

You can check which version of the browser you have under Help. You can check which version of the Mac browser you have by clicking About under the Apple menu.

Instructions for use

Instructions for using the service

Service type

Use of the service requires strong authentication using your online banking credentials, certificate card or mobile certificate. e-Identification is a shared identification service of public administration e-services. It enables secure electronic identification. e-Identification is the responsibility of the Population Register Centre.

More information on the e-identification

Mobile authentication works on Elisa, Sonera and DNA mobile subscriptions for which the Mobile Certificate service has been activated. (In Finnish)

Additional information

Financial and debt counselling, appointment booking and guidance 0800 9 3488, open Mon–Thu 10 am–12 pm.

Please send us your feedback on financial and debt counselling services here.

Feedback on technical issues (such as login problems and error messages) can be submitted here,

sent by e-mail to

or reported by telephone at
043 826 9082.