Culture and sport

BigMouth (UK) 2016-09-29 19:00
In a tour-de-force performance that has received universal critical acclaim, Valentijn Dhaenens weaves together seminal speeches from everyone from the Grand Inquisitor and Socrates to Mohammed Ali and Osama Bin Laden. Performances at the Espoo Cultural Centre Sept 29 – Oct 1.
The rich and diverse programme of CultureEspoo’s autumn season will bring top performers to the city from near and far.


  • Each competitor of the vehicle race has a different mode of transport, such as an electric bike, a Segway, a wooden bike or just an ordinary bicycle. The competitors are, among others, Christoffer Masar, Mayor of Kauniainen, Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo, Maria Guzenina, President of Espoo City Council and Member of Parliament, Özlem Canel, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands, Irma Karjalainen, Director, Regional and Environmental Information at HSY, and Marek Salermo, cycling expert.
  • Espoo was the first city which joined the Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development in Finland. Different units, companies and networks of the city have taken part in the programme through their own practical activities. The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development rewarded Espoo's commitment as the most impactful of the year.


  • Viiru and Pesonen are living happily in Pesonen’s little cottage and finding all kinds of fun things to do. The adventure starts when they decide to go to the beach and skip stones.
  • The national film education project IhmeFilmi is directed at young people in upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school.
  • Espoo Music Institute's pupils perform at the Espoo Cultural Centre. The audience gets to enjoy chamber music and solo performances.