Digital agenda

Computer and tablet

The City of Espoo’s digital agenda is a strategy through which we promote the digitalisation of municipal services, utilisation of new technology, bringing services online and adoption of new operating methods.

The need for digitalisation always starts with the needs of the activities. We seek better profitability and cost-efficiency for municipal services and administration through digitalisation. We also want to create even more convenient and comprehensive services for our different customer segments.

We implement the digital strategy through trials ranging from a few months to half a year. In the trials, we test product or service ideas and develop them with the company and customers based on experience and in the spirit of co-creation. The trials provide information quickly about whether the tested service would have users, function as a part of Espoo services and produce benefit for the city and clients.

Digital trials are also a way to establish experimental culture in Espoo. Ongoing digital trials are presented on the ongoing development page.