Espoo publishes the Espoo magazine bulletin, which is distributed to every household.

City employees receive the Wieteri staff magazine (in Finnish) four times a year.

The Service Guide (in Finnish).

Annual report, economic review and staff report

The Annual report, Staff report and Annual economic review provide an overview of the city's operations in the previous year.

Annual Reports

Staff Reports

Published in Finnish only.

Annual Economic Reviews

Communications and marketing

Espoo's graphical guidelines are available at Images and logos. Communications guide provides city employees with practical information on Espoo's communications practices.


Visit Espoo 2017


Annual Report 2016 (online magazine)
CultureEspoo 2030 (online magazine)
Kaikukortti brochure
Annual Report 2015 (online magazine)

Guides and brochures of comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools

Guides and brochures of comprehensive schools

In collaboration with Fairtrade, Fair Espoo has created teaching materials on chocolate production for preschools and primary schools. Espoo's schools and day care centres, as well as the organisations and parishes that work in the city, may order printed materials, but all documents are also available online in electronic form.

International Affairs

Report on the international activities of the City of Espoo 2013

Sports and Exercise Services

Ylös ja ulos Espooseen! 2014 outdoor recreation virtual brochure
Kimpassa kuntoon 2014-2015 virtual brochure of exercise classes
Latest issues of Espoo liikkuu virtual magazine
Annual report for Sports and Exercise Services 2013 (pdf)

Youth Services

Youth Services' publications and operating models

Social and Health Services

Annual report of Social and Health Services 2013 
Guide on senior services   
Guide on housing for elderly residents in Espoo    
Publications for the elderly   

Statistics and studies

Publications on statistics and studies   

Technical and Environmental Services

Publications by Technical and Environmental Services

Publications on the environment and nature

Each year, the Environment Centre issues several publications on the state of the environment and environmental protection in Espoo. The studies and reports are published in two series: Environment Committee's publication series and Environment Centre's document series.

As part of these publication series, the city publishes materials on a regular basis on the state of the environment and development of environmental aspects in Espoo the state of the environment and development of environmental aspects in Espoo.

We also create publications in collaboration with other parties. See Other publications.