Fairtrade Town Espoo

Espoo has been a Fairtrade Town since spring 2009. By a decision of the City Council, the City of Espoo has committed to promoting Fairtrade and making ethical choices in its purchases.

Being awarded and keeping the Fairtrade Town status requires co-operation both within the city organisation and with the region’s organisations, businesses, parishes and many other communities.

Espoo Catering, the meal services of the City of Espoo, is a good example of supporting Fairtrade and also a major buyer of Fairtrade products. All of its 200 premises use Fairtrade products, and they serve a total of over 7,000 kg of Fairtrade coffee each year.


Fairtrade is an international certification system that was created to improve the position of small farmers and workers on large farms in developing countries in global trade. Thanks to Fairtrade principles, small farmers and workers on large farms can improve their work and living conditions and the well-being of the environment.

Some of the things that make the Fairtrade system exceptional are the guaranteed price paid to producers and the Fairtrade premium, which is used on projects that benefit the producer community and whose use is decided democratically. In addition, production follows strict environmental regulations and does not use child labour.

More information about Fairtrade in Espoo can be found on our Finnish and Swedish pages. Come and join us in making Espoo fair!


Published 2013-01-25 13:48 , updated 2016-08-24 8:00

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