City Council

A Council with 75 members holds the highest decision-making authority in the City of Espoo. The members are chosen by an election held every four years. The Council for the term 2013–2016 was chosen in an election held in October 2012.

The Council is responsible for the operations and finances of the City of Espoo. The Council decides on the annual budget and manages the strategic policies of the city. The Council decides on the grounds for organising administration in addition to electing officials to the City Board and other organs. The Council may sign its decision-making authority over to subordinate organs.

Council meetings are open to the public. They are held in the Council Hall at Espoonkatu 5. Meetings can also be watched live online or afterwards as recordings.

Party Distribution in the City Council 2013 - 2016

National Coalition Party (Kok.) 29
Green League (Vihr.) 13
The Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) 10
The Finns Party (PerusS&Sit.) 10
The Swedish People´s Party (RKP) 6
The Centre Party (Kesk.) 2
The Left Alliance (Vas.) 2
The Finnish Christian Democrats (KD) 2
Vårt Esbo-Meidän Espoomme 1

Council members on the Finnish website