Espoo Adult Education Centre

Espoo Adult Education Centre is an adult education centre for open studies, for personal choices, life-long learning and human growth.

We provide a large variety of subjects to study to everyone who lives in Espoo and other cities in the Greater Helsinki region. Most of our classes take place in the evenings so that people who work in daytime are also able to join us. The classes take place in a wide variety of locations around Espoo to cater for people living in different parts of the city. In addition to our own premises, we use, for example, schools’ premises in different parts of Espoo.

You can study languages (e.g. Finnish), computing and software, learn about the Finnish culture and economy and take Open University courses. You can also learn Finnish handicraft and arts or navigation skills, take cooking classes, exercise or refurbish old furniture, to name but a few types of courses.

Come along to a family course to sing and dance with your children. Anything you want - we have it!

Enrolment information

Instructions for enrolment
You can enrol online only if you have Finnish social security number and personal online banking ID.
Please check the instructions for online enrolment.
Please register to the Ilmonet service before enrolment. You need to register to the new service with your personal online banking ID. By registering beforehand, you will speed up your own course enrolment. You need a username and password for course enrolment.
Please check the instructions for registration.

Check the enrolment date given in the Study Programme 'Suomen kielen kurssit' together with the course information. Enrolment continues as long as there are free places.

For more details about course enrolment (dates, enrolment by phone), please check the Study Programme 'Suomen kielen kurssit' and Information for students on the left.



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