Day Care Fees

The customer fees of municipal day care are calculated as a percentage value from the family’s gross income. The fees vary from free day care to a maximum monthly fee of EUR 290 per child, depending on the family size and income as well as the care period. The family delivers an income statement verifying their gross income to the care place. An income statement is not necessary if the family agrees to pay the highest possible fee.

The highest possible fee must also be paid if the family does not deliver the required income data to the care place or the data is incomplete. The fees are also influenced by the duration of the care period and absences. Guardians receive a written decision about the day care fees. The service fees for the previous month are invoiced in the middle of the following month. Municipal day care fees are explained in more detail in the brochure that can be opened on the bottom of the page.

Fees in the summer

July is a free month if the child’s care has begun no later than September in the previous year. If day care has begun later, a fee is also collected for July. The entire monthly fee is invoiced for July if the child has been in day care even just for one day in July. If the child has been absent for the entire month, half of the monthly fee is collected.

Customer fees for outsourced and private day care

The fees for outsourced day care are the same as for municipal day care.
The day care service provider decides on the fees for private day care that is not an outsourced service.

Fees in residents’ parks

Schoolchildren may register for a chargeable snack in residents’ parks.