Day Care

The parents of children under school-age have the legal right to select one of the following child care options:

  • caring for one’s children by oneself with home care allowance, if there is a child under the age of 3 in the family
  • placing the children in a municipal day care place
  • arranging for day care using private child care allowance (a private day care place or a hired child care worker at home)

The goal is to give families the chance to choose a day care place or other early childhood education service that suits the needs of the child and the family and facilitates the balanced growth, development and learning of the child.

The main principle of day care is an appreciation of childhood. The individuality of each child and the developmental needs of different-aged children are taken into consideration as effectively as possible.

Pre-Primary Education isn't voluntary anymore 2014-12-17
An amendment of the Basic Education Act will come into effect in the 1st of January 2015. All children must attend to one year of pre-school or other activity accomplishing the objectives of pre-primary education before their school begins.
Early education service guidance advices and directs families 2014-08-01
Early education service guidance advices and directs families in matters related to all municipal and private early education services and to child care benefits. Service counsellors make child selections for municipal day care, clubs and pre-school education provided by early education.




  • Would you like to share memories? Different generations meet in this exhibition, inviting visitors to tread the paths of a fairy-tale forest that implements a sustainable way of life. In the “Time Travel – family stories” project, children, families and educators at day care centres in Espoo have explored the childhood of different generations.
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